Jue. Abr 18th, 2024

ude, breasts, butt, bush 00:42:55 Awesome breast shots as Shannon strips to her panties and beds some very lucky ski-dude. Her body could melt the Matterhorn.
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Hot Dog… The Movie (1984) has nothing to do with wieners, but your dog will drool watching these ski bums get it on. Partrick Houser picks up snow-slut hitchhiker Tracy Smith after she rejects a ride from a guy who wants her to blow him. They check into the ski lodge, where Crystal Smith is the nude bellhop. There’s a wet T-shirt contest that’s so hot Houser can’t help but stick his pole in Tracy afterwards. Shannon Tweed rounds out the flesh, with a peek of her meaty top. There’s a lot of freestyle skiing in between the freestyle screwing, making this hotdog perfect for a poke in the buns.

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