Dorith Mous desnuda, sensualidad y desnudez en blanco y negro | Desnudas

Dorith Mous desnuda, sensualidad y desnudez en blanco y negro

Dorith Mous desnuda, sensualidad y desnudez en blanco y negro Dorith Mous, sensualidad y desnudez en blanco y negro

orn and Raised in Amsterdam, model, Dorith Mous, has spent the last eight years traveling around the globe, making a name for herself in the competitive world of fashion. Le Image had the chance to shoot this Silent Model for our new fashion film tests in our Brooklyn photography studio. Many models are not used to fashion photographers using film, but that is not the case for Dorith. She explains, “I have been shooting Polaroid and 35mm since I was very young…with film you get a certain reality, a moment”.

This appreciation of capturing a moment exposes itself in other areas of Dorith’s personality such as her passion for music. After her successful modeling career, she hopes to transition to music. She has been singing since she could speak, and declares that, ”music runs through my veins”.
Born a Taurus with her rising sign in Aquarius, Dorith has not allowed the fashion industry to change her. She styles herself primarily in dark colors tossing aside the girly look that sometimes rules the runway. When asked what advice she would give to aspiring models, she advises, “Don’t let agencies ‘make’ you or ‘break’ you in a negative way or a way that takes away from your own style or personality. You are who you are and you can only ‘change’ to a certain extent for your job”. This dedication to authenticity is very important when you work a job that may deem you ‘disposable’ at the end of a season or campaign.
Le Image is so grateful to have had the chance to collaborate with Dorith Mous in our New York studio and we wish her the best on all of her future ventures, whether it be in music or fashion.

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